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We believe payments should be easy, quick and convenient. Splishpay will change how your business accepts payments

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Proudly designed for everyday business

Out with the old, in with the new. Splish features are designed for every merchant.


Record every transactions with the app, leave out the paper and pen.


Save your items for easy checkouts, record failed or pending bank transfers


Create services and send out scheduling links to your customers

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Do it the easy way

With our complete business toolkit, maximize the efficiency of your business.

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record a sale

During a sale, you can record a sale by cash, bank transfer, invoice or card. Giving your business detailed information on all your day to day activities.

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Start, run and grow

Create an account within minutes and enjoy access to future-focused tools for your business from point-of-sale to financial services

No hidden fees. Only pay when you take a payment

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create items

Create and manage items, so you can sell better and faster

NIKE Sneakers

16 Items

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ASOS Apparels

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Smiley Socks

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manage staff

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Create and manage people who help you run your business.

Easily customizable access for staff.

Keep track of team performance, Pay team with ease.


Create and manage customers. You can have all your customer details from name to address. We also allow you to Import customers from excel with ease.

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Appointment | Schedule


Seamless experience for customers to book.


Push Notifications for New bookings


You are the Boss! accept or cancel bookings easily


Accept payments before or after service has been rendered


⚡️Lightning Network

Selling Garri or making Hair ? Accept Bitcoin easily.


We design and build affordable hardware to work with any kind of business. Accept payments in the most secure way.

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Fast, Easy, Secure.

Splish is an uncomplicated solution for new and existing business owners. I’ve never used a POS system like this before, it’s easy to use with an easy learning curve. — you are in the right place!


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